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ORBit2 is a CORBA 2.4-compliant Object Request Broker (ORB) featuring mature C and Perl bindings. Bindings (in various degrees of completeness) are also available for C++, Lisp, Pascal, Python, Ruby, and TCL; others are in-progress. It supports POA, DII, DSI, TypeCode, Any, IR and IIOP.
Optional features including INS and threading are available. ORBit2 is engineered for the GNU Object Model Environment (GNOME) with a focus on performance, low resource usage, and security.
The core ORB is written in C, and runs under Linux, UNIX (BSD, Solaris, HP-UX, ...), and Windows. ORBit is developed and released as open source software under GPL/LGPL.



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ORBit1 Documentation

ORBit1 Services

Name Specification Version Project Link Comment
Concurrency Service formal/00-06-14 1.0 Concurrency Control Service for ORBit (currently broken) Written by Dimitry Yusupov (dmy7 _at_ yahoo _dot_ com)
Event Service formal/00-06-15 1.0 GNOME CVS (Status: IDL compiled),
GNOME Debugging Framework (GDF) (Status: partial implementation)
Naming Service formal/00-11-01 1.1 GNOME CVS (Status: INS 1.1 Beta, Doc)  
Transaction Service formal/00-06-28 1.1 Transaction Control Service for ORBit (currently broken) Written by Dimitry Yusupov (dmy7 _at_ yahoo _dot_ com)

ORBit1 Language Mappings

Language Specification Aligned to CORBA*2 Project Link Comment
Ada formal/99-07-29 2.0 ORBit-Ada  
C formal/99-07-35 2.1 (2.2)*3 ORBit  
C++ formal/99-07-41 2.3 ORBitcpp  
Clean   (2.2)*1 ORBit Clean  
Eiffel   (2.2)*1 ORBit Eiffel  
Haskell   (2.2)*1 IDL->CHS  
JavaScript     JavaScript Server Early ORBit wrapper for Mozilla's JavaScript engine.
Lisp formal/00-06-02 2.3 rep-orbit  
OZ   (2.2)*1 ORBit for OZ  
Perl   (2.2)*1 CORBA::ORBit  
PHP   (2.2)*1 PHP-ORBit  
Python ptc/00-01-12 2.3 ORBit-Python  
Ruby   (2.2)*1 Rinn, Ruby-ORBit  
TCL   (2.2)*1 Torb  
VisualBasic   (2.2)*1 GnuVB No code available yet.

*1 Because there is no formal spec and ORBit is trying to reach CORBA 2.2 conformance I'm assuming CORBA 2.2 alignment here.
*2 The alignment refers to the specification document, not to the implementation.
*3 The C-language mapping covers the POA and is referred to be CORBA 2.1aligned. But the POA was introduced with CORBA 2.2, so it seems that the C-mapping is already CORBA 2.2 conform (?).

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